Special for The Holiday Ash Scoops and Ash Scoop Jr. $100.00



The Ash Scoop/Coal Sifter w/ STAND


For the serious wood burner the Coal Sifter and the Ash Scoop together as a system is a must.  Using the Coal Sifter on a regular basis assures that the hot coals don’t get buried in the ash.  Burning all coals completely produces more heat and provides more space to insert larger amounts of wood resulting in longer burn times.  When it’s time to clean your stove, you can set aside the hot coals for relighting your next load.  No need for matches, paper or kindling.  The Coal Sifter is a great way to separate the coals and collect the ash for removal.  The way the coal sifter makes it easy to get at any ash in the stove even in the front and back corners.  The larger holes saves time only collecting the larger hotter coals.  When you have the ash and coals separated the Ash Scoop removes the unwanted ash quickly and safely and even better, cleanly.  The specially designed handles allow you to clean your stove easily without your hands ever entering the stove.  With the container being made of durable Stainless Steel, there is no worry of the possibility if hot coals still exist.  With the Ash Scoop there is no transfer of ashes, so there isn’t any airborne ash to breathe or clean up like other conventional cleaning methods.

The Coal Sifter and the Ash Scoop were designed and built for longevity.  There are no extra parts to buy.  No replacement parts like filters or hoses.   There are no motors so no electricity needed. 

Together the Coal Sifter and Ash Scoop will not only save you a lot of money it will allow you to spend more time doing the something more enjoyable than cleaning out your stove.

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