Special for The Holiday Ash Scoops and Ash Scoop Jr. $100.00



"The Creo Bags worked great! Just as advertised"George Bogue

“A bit pricey, but this is a quality made tool. No Walmart or Home Depot here.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool The Ember Extractor) jaykosko8

“Useful design, I used it for one season, the device is still in good condition and the results were good.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool The Ember Extractor)John Hollis

“Excellent product and service. 5 stars.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool the Ember Extractor)millardjdm

"If you burn wood at any level...be it casual fireplace or full time heating with a woodstove, buy this and throw away that shovel and ash pail that causes so much dust and wasted time. This product was well thought out and performs it's duties like a breeze. Get the ember extractor too and you can't go wrong, especially in a continual burn woodstove operation where you want to save that bed of coals to keep burning as soon as you're done scooping. Worth every penny in dust and mess control alone, let alone a supreme time saver."Kevin Smith