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Hands Never Enter the Firebox

Ash Scoop

Clean Out the Ash Faster and No Mess

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Ember Scoop

Retain Hot Coals To Relight Your Fire

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Creo Bags

Clean Your Flue Pipes From Inside Your Home With No Mess

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Welcome to Hearth Helpers

Our Ash Scoop is an ash removal system for your wood burning stove, insert or fireplace. Lose the shovel, bucket pail, and fireplace tools. Forget those expensive ash vacuums. Our wood burning tools take the chore out of ash removal cleaning when wood burning.

The Ember Extractor combines all the ash sifters, ash rakes, coal screens, ash shovels, coal keepers into one wood burning tool. The Creo Bag is used to remove creosote from flue pipes, used with a chimney cleaning tools, it makes chimney sweep easier safer and cleaner.

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The Ash Scoop captures the ash from your wood burning stove/insert completely DUSTLESS. The Ash Scoop combines the shovel and bucket into a faster safer cleaning process with no mess. This tool does not require filters or electricity and never clogs. Guaranteed!

Use the Ember Extractor to quickly sift the hot coals out of the ashes to assist with the next fire. The Ember Extractor also allows you to move the ashes in any direction to assist in cleaning.

When its time to clean out your stove pipes, attach the Creo bag to the stove pipe with the easy reusable strap and continue to clean w/o any mess. You don't have to remove the Creo Bag to attach/remove additional rods, simply slide them thru the specially designed sleeve on the side of the Creo bag. Kit includes 3 bags and 1 reusable strap.

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