"The Creo Bags worked great! Just as advertised"
George Bogue
“A bit pricey, but this is a quality made tool. No Walmart or HomeDepot here.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool The Ember Extractor)
“Useful design, I used it for one season, the device is still in good condition and the results were good.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool The Ember Extractor)
John Hollis
“Excellent product and service. 5 stars.” (Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Tool the Ember Extractor)
"If you burn wood at any level...be it casual fireplace or full time heating with a woodstove, buy this and throw away that shovel and ash pail that causes so much dust and wasted time. This product was well thought out and performs it's duties like a breeze. Get the ember extractor too and you can't go wrong, especially in a continual burn woodstove operation where you want to save that bed of coals to keep burning as soon as you're done scooping. Worth every penny in dust and mess control alone, let alone a supreme time saver."
Kevin Smith

Product Info

Dispose ash and save coals in wood burning stove

Ember Extractor

Used to reclaim coals to light your next fire

Use the Ember Extractor to quickly sift the hot coals out of the ashes to assist with the next fire. The Ember Extractor also allows you to move the ashes in any direction to assist in cleaning.


  • Made in the USA for the Highest Quality
  • No assembly or tools required
  • Front hoe to push or pull ash to the center of stove
  • 2 side baffles to move ash from the right or left sides
  • Circular handle for ease of sifting and releasing coals to either side.
  • Larger screen to quick sifting
  • ½" sq holes to reclaim larger/hotter coals for quicker lighting
  • Double weld handle for screen durability
  • Weight 1.28 lbs


  • Made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • ½"x ½" screen holes
  • 16 ½" long x ¼" dia. 304 Stainless Steel handle
  • 2 ½' x 6" wide 304 Stainless Steel hoe
  • ¾" side 304 Stainless Steel Baffles
  • Weight 1.28 lbs
  • 26" overall Length

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use hoe to push ashes from the front and pull from back
  2. Use side baffles to push from either side of the stove
  3. When your pile is complete, sift thru ashes to extract coal and set to one side of stove to assist in lighting new load of wood.

Always wear proper protective clothing and gloves. When you are ready to clean out the ashes in your stove - recommended waiting time is 8-10 hours (time will vary depending on user) after the last load, but while the stove is still warm, using the Ember Extractor in extreme heat or left in the stove for a prolonged period of time will cause damage and void all warranties, use the Ember Extractor to create a pile of ashes in the stove/insert. The hoe style front allows you to push ashes from the front or pull ashes from the back of the stove. The side baffles also allow ashes from the right or left to be moved in the stove. The screen frame allows you to sift thru the used ash to reclaim the desired coals and pile them to one side or the other. These coals are used to relight the wood and continue burning without the use of matches, paper, or kindling.

For your wood burning stove, the Ash Scoop combines the shovel and bucket into a faster cleaning process with no mess.

Ash Scoop

Clean your wood burning stove/insert

The Ash Scoop captures the ash from your wood burning stove/insert completely DUSTLESS. The Ash Scoop combines the shovel and bucket into a faster safer cleaning process with no mess. This tool does not require filters or electricity and never clogs. Guaranteed!


  • Made in the USA for the Highest Quality
  • Full welded seams for Durability
  • Smooth Bevel fluted fixed handle for comfort and ease
  • 10" Wide pivoting handle for carrying comfort
  • Stainless Steel box for longevity
  • Hinged lid to eliminate airbourne ash particles
  • Large holding container to transport Ash in one trip
  • Beveled opening to capture the maximum amount of Ash


  • No tools required
  • Fixed handle simply screws into bottom of box
  • 3 ¾" Fluted Black Fixed Handle
  • 3/16" x 10" powder coated carrying pivot handle
  • Weight 7.78 lbs
  • 22 gauge 304 Stainless Steel box and lid
  • Full welded seams
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds up to 37 cubic inches of Ash
  • 28 ¾" overall assembled length
  • Hinged 304 Stainless Steel lid

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use the Ash Scoop to scoop ashes from your stove
  2. Close the lid prior to pulling the Ash Scoop from the stove. (This prevents any ash going into the air)
  3. Transport the Ash Scoop to your disposal area/container and dump.

Always wear proper protective clothing and gloves. When you are ready to clean out the ashes in your stove (recommended waiting time is 10-12 hours after the last load, but while the stove is still warm), create a pile of the ashes in the center of the stove/insert. For those of you that want to continue heating use the EMBER EXTRACTOR to reclaim any hot coals to continue burning without relighting. Grab the pivoting handle with one hand and the fixed handle with the other and lay the bottom edge of the ASH SCOOP on the opening of the stove/insert with the hinged lid on top of the ASH SCOOP and open the lid See (see picture above). Using both handles, push the ASH SCOOP to the back of the stove until, it meets the back wall. Repeat this scooping motion until all the desired ashes are gathered (Hint: After the first scoop, tilt the ASH SCOOP down and lightly shake making sure not to let the opening of the ASH SCOOP leave the stove/insert. This will move the ashes to the bottom of the ASH SCOOP, making it easier to collect the rest of the ashes in the stove). Once you have all the ashes, pull the ASH SCOOP back toward you once again, DO NOT LET THE OPENING OF THE ASH SCOOP LEAVE THE OPENING OF THE STOVE!!! Continue to hold the fixed handle and with the hand that was holding the pivoting handle close the lid. Re-grasp the pivoting handle and pull the ASH SCOOP from the stove. The ASH SCOOP box may get extremely hot during transport. Never touch the container part of the ASH SCOOP while in use. Release the fixed handle and carry (using the pivoting handle) the ASH SCOOP to your disposal area. THE USER OF THE ASH SCOOP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPERLY DISPOSING OF ASHES IN A SAFE AND ENVIRIONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MANNER. Once you are ready to empty the ASH SCOOP, grab the fixed handle and lift the bottom toward you, aiming the opening at your desired disposal area WARNING-SOME HOT ASHES AND COALS MAY STILL EXSIST CAUSING A POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD. Once emptied, release the fixed handle and the ASH SCOOP will return to the carry position. Lid will automatically open and close during dumping. Box may remain hot for a short period after dumping.

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